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                        Service Hotline:0412-6485200
                        company culture

                        COMPANY VISION

                        corporate vision

                        Fulfilling corporate responsibility and strategies and practices for achieving sustainable development, in a unified environment of environmental, social and economic values, to meet customer needs and pursue business success, to provide solutions for sustainable development of customers, to build sustainable customer relationships, Maintain the lofty position of the industry, promote the development of industry technology, and let products serve all consumers.

                        STRATEGIC TARGET

                        Strategic objectives

                        Refractory fiber spraying technology and equipment keep improving, develop and innovate, and go to the world.

                        SENSE OF WORTH


                        Thanks to Hanston's development, it has received the care and love of people from all walks of life, and consumers are highly recognized and trusted. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the company's development.

                        Integrity is the foundation of the foundation, and faith is the way of development; Hanston treats the people of the world with sincerity and benevolence.

                        Innovation is the driving force of social development, the soul of human civilization, and the core of enterprise development.

                        Win-win respects the pursuit of customers, agent dealers and employees for their own interests, and strives to achieve the common development of the company and the society, helping each other on the road of development and achieving a win-win goal.

                        By shaping brand value added, strong R&D investment, distribution network construction, after-sales network coverage, global market layout, laying the foundation for international market position, creating real value for customers, achieving company's goals, and the company's core operating strategy - focus In the field of clean water, we will vigorously develop high-tech water purification products, provide high-quality water purification services, and develop more competitive prices and better customer experience.

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